Digi-Gps: a Fruitful Promise to Vietnamese Motorbike Owners!

Today I have read something very interesting on TechinAsia about a solution for motorbike theft in Vietnam.

Motorbike is the most popular transportation in this South East Asian country. Not only it is a means of transportation, it is also part of the Vietnamese culture. An average motorbike costs around $1000, and some cost as much as $5000. Considering the GDP per capita of Vietnam is $931, according to Trading Economics, then the motorbike is a valuable asset to the Vietnamese.

Motorbikes in HCMC, Vietnam

Motorbikes in HCMC, Vietnam

Thus, when TechinAsia writes about Digi-Gps, it certaintly is an exciting news to the locals!

What is Digi-Gps?

It is a Vietnamese company that provides solutions to automobile theft similar to LoJack in America.

One of the devices that Digi-Gps developed is called SmartBike. This device costs about $80. It offers a SIM card, and bluetooth feature. The bluetooth functions by locking down the motorbike if its owner has walked more than 30 feet away. Within this distance, if someone is tempting to steal or tamper with the motorbike, the owner will also be alerted through his or her phone. The SIM Card lets the owner to text his or her motorbike to turn it off, or to check its status and GPS position on a smart phone.

A Fruitful promise?

With many other competitions on the market who offer similar and cheaper solutions to the motorbike theft problem, SmartBike by Digi-Gps does stand out by not only providing a GPS solution, but also an ability to connect with the motorbike at all time.

However, it seems that Digi-Gps will only stop at locating the motorbike. With the high-rise of smartphones, Digi-Gps could think about the ability to let motorbike owners to have the ability to check-in on social networking platforms through the SmartBike.

But! (Yes, there is a “but” in here!) Considering privacy problem, this wouldn’t be so wise.

The problem?

Having the ability to check-in online could be a nightmare to security advisors! Why? Let’s have aside all the bad scenarios (e.g. burglars,  stalkers, etc.).  I am no so sure if everyone (e.g. cheating wives/husbands, skipping-work-for-a-cup-of-coffee employees) would be happy about being tracked on his or her bikes, although it sounds like a good precaution in Vietnam.

Although the notion of online privacy is familiar with most Vietnamese netizens, yet, practices it is a different story.

Privacy? What's it?

Privacy? What’s it?

So what should be considered?

Perhaps make it an option!

Moreover, on their website, the company doesn’t include any information about liability to their products. Unlike LoJack, Digi-Gps would be under the hands of its owners. There is no information on whether this device can be hacked, tampered, or illegally installed into someone’s bike. There is only a phone line to sales but not really customer service for what could be done if these things happened.

Despite all been written, I think this would be a good news to motorbike owners in Vietnam. Farewell to those days of worrying whether your motorbike is still there when you come back to it. I am sure would be one of the first adopter for this!


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