Ig9: A Great Idea That Does Not Turn Out Well

What is Ig9?

Ig9 (pronounced similarly to “ignite”) is a Vietnamese tech start-up company that does essentially what Kickstarter is doing. It is a place to raise funds for the people who have great ideas but lack the money to turn them into reality.

Ig9 could be considered one of the first crowd-funding websites in Vietnam. The design is clean and easy to follow. On the main page, it displays projects that in the process of pledging, and past projects that were successful.

I found out about Ig9 found an article written about its creator Hoang Tuan Anh. He got attention by leaving Google to come back to Vietnam, and started his own startup. Despite how thrilled I was finding out about this newest tool to help the underdogs to make their dreams come true, I was and still am disappointed at Ig9.

What is going wrong?

There are so many things that could have been thought of, especially for Tuan Anh, who was working at Google before.

By targeting only Vietnamese users, the website does not provide other language options which could prove a difficulty to backers who are not Vietnamese.

There was not enough done to fire-spread its name.

Screenshot from Ig9.vn showing a few press articles

Screenshot from Ig9.vn showing a few press articles

A screenshot from Ig9.vn website shows only a few press articles that it was in. Most of these websites are technology related. Thus, it would leave out a lot of people who do not read or go on these websites.

Their Facebook page makes my heart sink.

Ig9 Facebook Page

Ig9 Facebook Page

Going through their page, I found it under-maintained, and lack of care. There is not a lot of conversations or posts going on. The lack of Likes and updates make it even harder for people to find out about this website.

Lack of Communication

Lack of Communication

Feedbacks from users suggested that it’s hard to get in touch or information from Ig9. For someone that has worked at Google before, this is quite hard for me to understand. The key to get people to know more about what Tuan Anh is doing is communication. And it is definitely lacking of that. The website or its communication channels do not make anyone feel like there is a growing community to embrace the idea. It feels cold, deserted, and underserved.

How to improve?

Facebook has added on the tag function. Ig9 could start from their. Creating their own tag then start to use it. Asking people who have joined Ig9 to use the tag, to start talking about this community is vital.

Perhaps having their website written in business presses would also be helpful. Even though it is an online community, but the business principle in this is undeniable. They have a great, clean website. Yet, there is no traffic coming into it.

Planted articles in scholar forums would also be a good idea. Working with professors and school counselors to encourage their students to participate.

There are many ways for Ig9 to become more popular than it’s right now. Letting this great idea to die is a sad loss to so many.

Ig9 "Hang in there! Don't give up!"

Ig9 “Hang in there! Don’t give up!”


7 thoughts on “Ig9: A Great Idea That Does Not Turn Out Well

  1. Thank you for great solution, but the reason why IG9 ran low and inactived it’s a long story. I will tell you our story soon. Anyway, thank you for pay attention to our work.

  2. Awesome writeup on IG9! It’s heart-warming to see that someone is disappointed at how IG9 is doing, meaning someone does have certain expectations of IG9. Furthermore, you clearly pointed out IG9’s shortcomings and things that could be imiproved. As mentioned by Pham Thang above, the big picture behind IG9 and crowdfunding in Vietnam has its contrasting parts, some encouraging, some not so much, but we are working on what we can right now.
    Coming from the person whose name is mentioned a couple of times in your article, I am just thankful we found your article, and we will do our best not only to “hang in there” 🙂

    • Btw, this is to post my name and the email address, just in case we can be in contact for further discussion 🙂 Thanks for your attention to IG9 and your constructive comments about us.

      • Hi anh Tuan Anh, I am thrilled to know that the founders of the website actually read my blog. Hopefully my “little art” doesn’t bother you. I was trying to add a little humor to the conclusion. I do have great hopes for your website. I would really love to hear more about your difficulties in developing a stronger Ig9 community. How could we get in touch?

      • I am an hcmc based American investor with a background in finance and would LOVE to connect with you Tuan Anh. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Cheers

  3. You probably know that Ig9 website is offline and their facebook page doesn’t have any activities. As you said in the post a while ago, letting this great idea die is a loss to so many other people, people who want funds for their projects. I’m actually pondering of creating a similar site, so I would really love to know why Ig9 didn’t last as long as we expected, is there anything that we can do about it. Obviously, communication is a big thing that you mentioned. If you have any backstories, please share in the reply or email me at nguyennhan1991@gmail.com. Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing from you.

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