An App for the Vietnamese LGBT?

I came across an article online talking about Blued, a new mobile application from China that aims at gay men in this country. Needless to say, it was picked up by 2 millions users not long after being released. This has signified a big change in the society of the world’s largest population where the

What Coin Could Mean for Vietnam?

What is Coin? Coin has been one of the hottest topics of this week across different technological forums and websites. It’s said to be the one and simplest way of paying in the future. Coin Card is a card that would combine all your credit, debit, and gift cards into just one simple plastic card.

OTT in Vietnam

According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Telecommunications (MIC), the country currently has 130 millions mobile subscribers (including both 2G and 3G users). Vietnam has over 90 millions in its population. However, the MIC has averaged out that there are 145 mobile phones for every 100 Vietnamese. Thus, there is a majority of Vietnamese having

The Road to Love

Vietnam is a fast growing country. When a country grows, there is a lot to gain: a new information and technology infrastructure, new wealth, new living standards, new social and cultural principles. I would like to focus this blog on the change of social and cultural beliefs, more specifically on same-sex marriage in Vietnam. A

Ig9: A Great Idea That Does Not Turn Out Well

What is Ig9? Ig9 (pronounced similarly to “ignite”) is a Vietnamese tech start-up company that does essentially what Kickstarter is doing. It is a place to raise funds for the people who have great ideas but lack the money to turn them into reality. Ig9 could be considered one of the first crowd-funding websites in Vietnam.

Digi-Gps: a Fruitful Promise to Vietnamese Motorbike Owners!

Today I have read something very interesting on TechinAsia about a solution for motorbike theft in Vietnam. Motorbike is the most popular transportation in this South East Asian country. Not only it is a means of transportation, it is also part of the Vietnamese culture. An average motorbike costs around $1000, and some cost as